The Holy month of Ramadan is the one and only one occasion to satisfy your taste buds with delightful and traditional foods along with the sweets in Dubai. After breaking your fast with dates, these sweets will help your iftar be even sweeter. It Includes Arabic desserts, cookies, smashes cakes, and more.

Here are some suggestions for the best sweets in Dubai.


Kunafa- best sweet in dubai

Kunafa is a delicious and rich Middle Eastern dessert. It is famous not only during Ramadan but around the year in Dubai. With an average cost of AED 70. You can find different kinds of kunafa with cream, kunafa with ice cream, kunafa with chocolate, and special Bosporus kunafa, and more.


Jar Dessert

Express and spread your love by gifting these dessert jars to your loved ones. It is available in flavors such as rice pudding, pancake cake, tiramisu, Halawet El Jebn cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, chocolate biscuit cake, and more .starting at a rate of AED15.


It is one of the traditional sweets. It is preferred as an option for those who do not want an overly sweet dessert while their fasting. This delicious pumpkin porridge is kore over the sweet side.  It is made up of raw milk, flour of almond, butter, rose water, ground cardamom, almonds, and raisin. These ingredients make this is the best Emirati sweet.



Chebab, one of the best sweet in Dubai. It is an Emirati pancake that combination of traditional cardamom, saffron, dates, and other flavors. It is fried in a pan until changes to reddish-brown texture and color. 


 It is a traditional Egyptian dish but now is available in pan Arab countries. This is a version of bread pudding with raisins and nuts. It is the best Ramadan sweet that you are available with. This delicious creamy pudding is served after Iftar meals. Do try this, this Ramadan to make it sweeter.


It is an Arabian sweet dish. This sweet is crunchy outside and tender inside. If you would like to break your fast with traditional but something different sweet luqaimat is always the best choice. 


Flour, dates, spices, and honey are basic ingredients for most Arabian sweets available spiced date cookie is called  Maamoul. This can be one of the best choices for iftar nights. Their buttery flavor is a perfect combination with black Arabian coffee. This sweet is a delicious more representation of royalty on your Iftar table.


This is the best choice in Dubai. It has a decade of history too. Once it gets bake, they like to puffed buns. Kahammer is usually served with honey and cheese. Combinations also include Nutella, peanut butter, jam, and also with sweet apple.


This sweet originates from the Mughal era. This is one of the most popular iftar sweet when you are in Dubai. The name itself addresses the importance of this bread filled with milk, saffron, and crushed nuts. It suggests “Royal bite” during your iftar. It is mainly originated from India but most of the people serve this sweet during their iftar nights. 

BAKLAVA– Must have sweet in Dubai

This is a widely popular dish during Ramadan days. Turkey is the point of origin of this sweet. Also, this is the best choice for gifts on Iftar nights. It is a layered pastry dessert made up of filo pastry, crushed nuts, and sweetened by sugar syrup or honey.

There are many more Ramadan sweets that you have to try. Among which above mentioned are the best and delicious. Must try these sweets and make your Ramadan days sweetest. 

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