Dubai is considered to be the shopping hub of the UAE. It has a never ending list of options and offers  a diverse range of international brands for its shoppers and visitors. From traditional-style souks to high-end shopping malls, Dubai never fails to provide an impressive collection and variant of everything and anything that is required by the customer.

Best shopping stores in Dubai and the UAE

Hypermarkets are the best place for every customer to shop from, as they provide all-you-need solutions, with a wide range of the products that come under every category. This includes groceries, electronic appliances, local and imported fresh meats, Arabic sweets and snacks, organic products and even toiletries. But other than these hypermarkets or supermarkets Dubai has also got a lot of other stores as well that are quite famous among the customers. So, here is a list of some of the best shopping stores in Dubai and UAE.

  • Emirates Cooperative

The Emirates Cooperative was established in the year 1994 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with the objective to improve the economic and social status of their nation as well as to provide the best service and quality products at reasonable rates. 

Today, they have almost eight branches in Dubai, that help all of its customers to shop on a budget by providing them the most attractive offers. They are very well known for their Mid-week deals that they provide on groceries, food products, snacks thats what  attracts a lot of shoppers to their place.

  • Carrefour

Carrefour has 28 hypermarkets and 43 supermarkets along with some ‘city’ convenience stores spread along the whole of the UAE. It is managed by the Majid Al Futtaim group and  is considered as one of the largest hypermarket chains in the world. These stores are often part of popular malls, which makes them very popular among the shoppers. Besides this, just like any other hypermarket, they provide the best deals on everything. From groceries to toiletries, one might find everything under a single roof at affordable prices. They also provide online services which helps them to remain among the list of the top ranked stores in Dubai and the UAE.

  • Lulu

Lulu is a UAE-based business operated by Emke Group and, with hypermarkets across the UAE and other countries. They are well known for their quality products and services internationally. Their hypermarkets consist of all basic necessities like electronic items, toiletries, stationery items, groceries etc that any one requires on a regular basis. They provide online services and also give very affordable deals during festive seasons or other occasions which makes their customers stay loyal and get back to them the next time they shop.

  • IKEA

IKEA is another famous destination where one gets to find affordable and fashionable home decor and furniture. They have unique designs and patterns which helps the customers to get exactly what appeals to them.

  • Grand hypermarket

Grand Hypermarket, run by the  Regency Group is another store that is one among the best hypermarkets in Dubai as well as the UAE. They provide a lot of deals and offers on their products in order to attract customers to their place. 

  • Green House 

It is a one-stop shop for all your family needs. They have a chain of outlets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They provide the best of deals and the latest trends to choose from. Everything that is necessary for an individual is available under one single roof. This includes  –  groceries, furniture, home appliances, clothing ,footwear,fashion accessories,gifts ,toys etc.

Famous Malls in Dubai

Dubai gives a multitude of opportunities to every shopper,to explore the numerous fun places of attraction and malls. Here’s a list of some of the best shopping malls in Dubai.

  • The Dubai Mall

 Located at the Financial Center Road, in Dubai, the Dubai Mall is the second-largest mall in the world and serves to be a very famous place for  tourist attraction. It is one of the finest shopping places in Dubai that offers a fabulous view and also provides all kinds of luxury brands stores, designer clothes like Versace, haute couture, Burberry, Gold jewellery etc. The famous mall remains open from 10am till 12 am everyday.

  • Wafi Mall 

The Wafi Mall is a shopper’s paradise and is one of the best malls in Dubai. It is not only famous for its signature brand stores for shopping ,but also for the fine dining services, luxurious stay, and for the best spa parlors of Dubai. It is located at Oud Metha Road in Dubai and remains open from 10 am till 10pm on most days except Thursdays and Fridays. It is one of the best places to shop for Designer outfits, home decors and kids clothing.

  • Mall of the Emirates 

The Mall of the Emirates remains as one of the most iconic shopping places in Dubai with more than 700 stores in Dubai. The most important feature of this Mall is that they have got the largest indoor ski lodge in all of UAE. The mall is famous for its world class hotels and chic restaurants as well.

  • Ibn Battuta Mall

This is one among  the best malls in Dubai where one gets to experience shopping in a truly unique style. The Ibn Battuta Mall is famous for its bold and beautiful architecture which in itself acts as a selling point. It is one of the best places to experiment with one’s taste buds and enjoy shopping from some of the best brands out there. People mostly shop books, clothing, accessories and souvenirs from here.

Online Shopping in Dubai.

In Dubai, one has got  a vast range of online shopping outlets to choose from. Namshi,, Sivvi, I Saw it First, My Ex Wardrobe, Ounass, Eyewa are some of the best ones of all the rest. 

  • Namshi and Sivvi

Namshi and Sivvi are two different platforms that serve the same purpose and are considered to be fantastic online shopping spots. They have anything from active wear to formal wear Sivvi offers brands like Aldo, Mango, TOMS and many others while Namshi brings together some great brands such as Topshop and Forever 21.

  • is the best website to browse on to get great deals on electronics,  watches, cosmetics, clothes and much more. They provide great deals on high end products, such as iPhones, Macbooks and other electronics. is also a  distributor website where people can also put up things for sale. 

  • Eyewa

Anyone who is obsessed with fashion knows that fashion and accessories go hand in hand. And one of the most popular and used accessories out of all the rest is none other than sunglasses. Eyewa is an online destination that focuses on providing the customers with  high quality sunglasses from big brands out there.  

Other than these, there are other supermarkets, hypermarkets and even stores like Nesto, M- CITY MART HYPER MARKET, Wall-Mart, Union Co-op, Nesto, Carrefour, Lulu, IKEA, Home Center etc that provide online Shopping services to their customers.

It is not possible for every other customer to go to these big malls and stores in person and buy the necessary things. In such cases, the customers prefer  online shopping above the traditional way of shopping. And in order to attract more online customers, these shops come up with great deals and discounts which are published using catalogues online and offline. These catalogues help each customer know when and where the stores have sales going on. And based on these sales, they compare the products with their price and finally come to a conclusion on what and from where. Because of the great deals, the catalogues, the and the comfort that one has got, online shopping in Dubai, has become a cup of  tea for almost everyone. 

In conclusion, we can say that Dubai is the best destination for every shopaholic, as Dubai and the UAE never fails to surprise it’s customers with its luxury brands, comfort, and great deals.  Dubai has got the best shopping stores as well as online shopping websites that provide world class experience to its customers. And it has to be noted that, other than the stores mentioned above, NESTO, Choithrams, Al Madina, Wall-Mart hypermarket, The Express Market , Grand Hyper ,COZY HOME, Chattels and More, Grass it up, Casanova are some other famous stores in Dubai and the UAE. Other than this, Topshop, The outlet, Louzan Fashion ,Alice and Olivia are the best clothing destinations one might find in Dubai. And so it is clearly understood that shopping in Dubai could be a great experience to anyone who has done the right research beforehand.

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