Dubai might be a dream city for most people. They would have thought about taking a visit at least once in their entire life. Sometimes we only see the modern patterns and colours of Dubai. Apart from this, the actual Dubai’s beauty lies in the heritage culture of Dubai. 

Exploring a country begins with studying the culture of that country. Every place has its side of the story to tell.  Like ways, Dubai has a deep cultural story to tell you.


One major thing you know about Emirati culture is that their hospitality is epic. Dubai always welcoming people from different countries are united there to find a life shelter. It shows that there are extremely friendly to welcoming people also allow to grow together with them.

They give immense respect to women. Apart from religious beliefs, they consider the importance of women and their wellbeing.

When it comes to Emirati women, no one should try to shake their hand unless she puts out her hand first. It is better to avoid embraces and kisses. Such respective mannerism also increases Dubai’s beauty. 


Emirati national clothing is a symbol of their pride and identity.The idea behind the design has the dual intention of providing comfort and address to religious beliefs. Where men wear an ankle-length, loose-fitting garment made of white cotton, known as a  dishdasha. A ghutrah covers the head. Scientifically this garment originally used to protect the face from the harsh desert environment

Traditionally, women in Dubai wear an abaya. A long, black coat over the usual clothing. This worn over their Western or traditional dresses. A black scarf called a Shayla draped over the head.

Arabian Art

Dance, music, poetry, pottery, weaving and embroidery were popular forms of art in the olden days of Dubai. Today, paintings and literature added to this list. Music and dance were the customs of Dubai from the old days. In which Ayala or the stick dance is the common dance form.  Dancers are positioned close together in rows, showing unity and co-operation amongst tribal people. It enlightens the heritage of  Dubai. It is accompanied by drumming also.

Crafts such as pottery, weaving and embroidery have been a part of the Emirati culture since the time they began to live in groups. When it comes to poetry,  Al Taghrouda is their practice. Therefore, it believed that this art was practised in rural areas to search for a lost camel or horse. Al Taghrouda, which is also popular at weddings. 

The UAE is the venue for several art and literature exhibitions and festivals. Arabic calligraphy, Arabic script, patterns Islamic patterns are also a big part of their traditional art. 


The laws and regulations in Dubai are directly connecting to the culture and Islamic traditions. It can be best experienced during the period of holy Ramadan. Followers fast from dawn to dusk. After sunset, they enjoy their meals along with the beneficiaries. They never fail to help others, it is the heritage of Dubai.


Arab countries contributed a list of super delicious foods to the menu card.  Emarti dishes have a separate fan base all over the country.

 That increases  Dubai’s beauty. Some must-try food from the roots of Arabic culture as following.

  • Fouga day 
  • Gahwa
  • Harees
  • Kabsa 
  • Karak chai
  • Luqaimat
  • Shorbat adas
  • Shuwaa
  • Camel.
  • Turkish cocktails. 
  • Sambora.

Traditional Sports

Water sports, motorsports, and desert adventures are a big part of weekend local culture. Therefore tennis, golf, football and rugby can also add to the list. But traditional Emirati heritage sports originated from hunting and survival, including falconry, camel racing and equestrian sports.

Historical & cultural attractions

 The fascinating beauty of Dubai lies over its heritage value. UAE is the place where used to preserve their ancestor’s values. They pay attention to keep their history and spread their royal basics. That is why Dubi is the venue for their historical attractions. Here are some most attractive historical places in Dubai

Bait al Oud

Miraj Islamic Centre

UAE Currency Museum

Al-Ain Palace Museum


They believed their values and united by culture made them successful. The UAE has a rich history is rooted in trade also tied to Islam,  from AD 630

What today UAE  is, is all about what UAE was. Their heritage and culture are the basic building block to their progress. They try to teach a lesson, that a small but continuous effort can make history.

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